Graphic recording is a POWERFUL tool for both meetings and coaching.

Sue KeelyAs a graphic recorder and visual coach I create visual maps or charts with groups and with individuals so their brains can make connections with the information being presented or discussed.  This means you will have a more engaged attendee who can more easily recall the centent of the meeting--and take action on it.

Use your WHOLE brain.

We LEARN better and REMEMBER more when we use our whole brain. Brain research shows that when we stimulate more than one of our senses at the same time, we absorb more information.  Visual people doodle in meetings or when on the phone. They draw pictures on napkins when excitedly trying to convey a thought to someone.  They draw pictures in the air with their hands. Roughly 80% of us are visual learners.

Our senses work together to decipher information. And, according to Dr. John Medina’s book “Brain Rules”, Rule #10 is that “vision trumps all other senses”. Nearly 50% of the brain’s resources are tied to vision. So, whether you think you are a visual, oral or kinesthetic learner, you’re always using 50% of your brain’s resources to visualize what you’re hearing, talking about and doing.

This is why graphic recording supports your individual or organizational outcomes. 

  • I use color, words, and drawings to enhance learning and memory. 
  • I capture the nuggets of information that will be important for your audience to remember after the meeting has ended. 
  • When you hear it and see it unfolding on the charts I create, your retention of that information increases 
  • The end result is a memorable meeting, and multiple colorful graphic charts people will share and refer back to. 

So You're Having a Meeting

To learn more about how graphic recording can enhance your meetings, and support meeting outcomes click on the "So You're Having a Meetin" drawing.


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Here are two 8.5" x 11" blank graphic recording templates for personal use. Click to open, then either print them or save to your computer. Enjoy! 


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