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Meet Sue

Throughout my various careers, I have acquired a set of skills that uniquely support my graphic recording and provide you with a strong partner in your work. First and foremost, I got my initial graphic recording training with The Grove in San Francisco.  This is where graphic recording began more than 35 years ago, with David Sibbet.

After that I was blessed to work with two special mentors:  Michelle Boos-Stone who has been in the business over 15 years and  took me under her wing initially and helped me develop my skills. And Christina Merkley who helped me believe in myself and also introduced me to the SHIFT-IT Visual Coaching Process(R).


  • I love the power of a graphic record! The visual experience helps to ground the information and provide an emotional connection to the information. This translates to better retention and easier communication of content for your participants and in your coaching.


  • I’ve worked extensively with consultants who understand the value of graphic recording in their work with their clients.


  • I have a strong background in business concepts having worked for 17 years at ASQ (The American Society for Quality). That provided me with process and strategic planning skills—an understanding unique among graphic recorders. It also gave me a great background in association management and working with volunteers.


  • Prior to my work at ASQ I worked in K-12 and higher education. I’ve been a teacher and a college administrator. This component of my background helps me focus on what the “learner” needs. It helps me synthesize information with the filter of how important it might be to the “learner” or in other words to your audience.


“Sue Keely is masterful in her approach as a graphic recorder. The fact that she is focused on quality, has managed large scale projects and serves in a facilitator role herself makes her a superb partner for my practice. She knows the questions to ask and how to support my work as only a knowledgeable professional can…”

Amy Batiste, Ed.D Strategic Counsel/Project Leadership

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