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Testimonials From Satisfied Customers


We wanted to do a business timeline that incorporated our product success, key leaders, and capture the essence or internal brand of our business.  I can say that as a group working on the project, none of us knew exactly what we wanted or even expected.  Sue brought her extensive experience and drawing talent to bring all of these abstract bits of data together.  She created a timeline that exceeded all of our expectations.  Sue has an amazing talent!

Paul Sipe, Marketing Manager, Kinetix Motion Control - Servo Drives, Rockwell Automation


We're looking forward to having you back with us for our fifth BoldThinking Summit. Your talents in the graphic recording of these events provided excitement from the imagery during the sessions and have also provided tremendous notes from the Summits that we have easily shared around the company. Thank you for being such an important part of these Summit experiences. We look forward to working with you at many future events.

Bob DeKoch, President/COO, The Boldt Company


Sue Keely did a tremendous job of translating a complex and abstract set of documents describing how our organization conceptualizes change, and turned them into lively, accessible wall charts that we have used over and over again with different audiences - always to positive feedback.  People "get" what we are talking about when they see the images she produced.  I particularly appreciated that Sue developed first drafts of the charts so we could go over them together, fine-tuning some of the concepts where necessary.  

Annie Wilson, Executive Vice President, Lutheran Imigration and Refugee Service


You were a great addition to our group.  I am still dumbfounded that you can follow current conversation while drawing about the last conversation and processing it all into pictures and words – truly a gift.

Lani Becker, CAE, Wisconsin Dental Association


It was a pleasure working with you and look forward to doing so again in the near future. I know that our internal folks and Clients were raving about your amazing work.

Heesun Yu, Maxcess


Sue Keely is an active ingredient in an effective meeting. Her listening skills, her ability to capture the essence of what is at stake in a conversation, and her ability to capture and depict it for all the group to see succeeds in catalyzing creative processes and in discovering innovations and solutions that can move an organization forward.
Larry Lawrence E. Sullivan, President and CEO, John E. Fetzer Institute


What a delight to see how the ideas presented in a lecture can be so instantly and creatively transformed into a beautiful visual language.
Dr. Wendy Mogel,
Clinical psychologist, parenting expert and the author of New York Times bestselling parenting books “The Blessing of a Skinned Knee” and “The Blessing of a B-“


Carl and I cannot tell you how "awed" we are by your talent.  Really.  You did such a masterful job of capturing his message (and his mother!!). She will be so thrilled when she sees it. Judging from your talent as a "graphic recorder" must have been a wonderful, imaginative, visual teacher.  Education's loss is certainly our gain.
Sally Givens Cloyd, Strategy & Brand Management, ELITE


I’ve worked with great graphic recorders for meetings in the US and Europe. Sue Keely is up there with the best of them. Her ability to capture the essence of what was said, to develop appropriate images to match the words and thoughts are both effective and entertaining.

Clem Bezold, Chairman, Institute for Alternative Futures


Sue Keely helped to make our strategic planning session a huge success. Her ability to listen for the key sound bites and draw at the same time is fun to watch. We used the charts to bring other stakeholders in to our strategic vision. It was an invaluable component for communicating what happened during the planning session and inviting others to add to the work.

Carl Blanz, General Manager, Oak Ridge Conference Center, A Dolce Conference Center


What Sue Keely has accomplished through her charts and illustrations in the Action Planning Guide is absolutely incredible. I have never seen anything like this. The banner on the first page of the workbook "PUT YOUR IDEAS into ACTION" has continued to preoccupy my mind throughout this summer...I concur with the three mottoes (the three stars) Sue has spelled out so aptly on the first page of the workbook: ''THINK TOGETHER,'' ''LEARN TOGETHER,'' and ''GROW TOGETHER.''

Kingshuk K. Sinha Carlson Family Foundation Professor of Management Science & Director, Joseph M. Juran Center for Leadership in Quality


I am an Engineering Manager for BP, and was asked to put together a workshop for over 100 people. At the suggestion of a coworker, I hired Sue Keely to record the meeting with pictures. This added a unique dimension of color and fun to the event, and Sue produced a vivid record of the gathering that lives to this day in attractive posters she created and in the booklets that summarize the outcomes.

John Bartels, BP Refinery Modernization Project, Process and Economics Manager


Your recording of our customer innovation retreat captured in mental maps our values, customer standards and future actions. We will long tell the story of how Sue Keely helped us reach a lasting, high impact solution for those we serve in central Indiana.

Keith Reissaus, VP of Workforce Services, Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana


Sue is amazing. She can capture right in front of your eyes the essence of what’s being said. But more. She isn’t just a graphic reporter (which she is), she’s more like an architect or artist that let’s you see and understand more than you have said. Her drawings are beautiful, thoughtful, and helpful. And, by the way, fun.

Jack Grayson, Founder, APQC


Sue Keely is masterful in her approach as a graphic recorder. The fact that she is focused on quality, has managed large scale projects and serves in facilitator roles herself makes her a superb partner for my practice. She knows the questions to ask and how to support my work as only a knowledgeable professional can. I utilize the full range of Sue's pre- and post meeting graphic recording services from collaborating on meeting strategies to creating graphic facilitation templates and recording live in all types of settings. Sue delivers!

Amy L. Batiste, Ed.D., Strategic Counsel | Project Leadership


Sue Keely's graphic recordings reflected both the messages and the energy of our 2007 Conference. Conference attendees loved her representations of our plenary sessions and workshops. We would often see attendees checking out Sue's images to catch up on workshops they'd missed. Sue's skills captured the themes of our conference in a valuable, fun way.

Lauren Parnell, IFYC Leadership Associate


Sue, the graphic chart got wonderful response both at yesterday's leadership meeting and today's services...most of all the comments were about how grateful people were to have a graphic and how easy it made understanding the plan. We'll be using it more over the next few weeks...Thank you so much for the important contribution you've made to the Long Range Plan.

Ann Heidkamp, Chair, Long Range Planning Committee, UUCW Board of Trustees


Sue Keely has not only introduced our organization to the art of Graphic Facilitation, she has changed the way that we host our large meetings. The graphic depictions become a part of the landscape of the meeting, and the participants are fully engaged as they await the output of the design. Sue has been able to transform the topic of Diversity and Inclusion from words to visual reality!

Chrishonda M. Smith, Diversity Manager, Trinity Health, Novi, MI


Sue has worked with DePaul University on two occasions. Sue provides beautiful, perceptive and intelligent graphic recording for our World Cafe gatherings and conferences. She is a pleasure to work with as a collaborator and consultant.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative. I hired Sue as a Graphic Facilitator in 2006, and hired Sue more than once. [From LinkedIn referral.]

Mary McGuinness, Assistant Director, The De Paul Leadership Project, DePaul University


I saw the talent of Suzanne Keely firsthand at the recent 2006 National Quality in Education Conference in Dallas, Texas. I gave the opening keynote speech on "Creating a Powerful Innovation Culture" and Suzanne played a key role in capturing the key messages of my speech, in graphic form, for the participants to see and review throughout the conference. Her illustration was definitely a valuable contribution to the success of the conference.

Elaine Dundon, Author, The Seeds of Innovation, The Innovation Group, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


I wanted to write you a note of gratitude for your grand artistic contribution to our conference on 9/22/06 at DePaul. Many conference participants noted how your work enriched the day in so many ways. You are gifted--and I thank you for sharing your gifts with us last month.

Karl Nass, Faith And Civic Engagement, University Ministry, DePaul University, Chicago IL


We have a 2011 Vision to have 90% of all processes to be handled electronically. Sue captured the current complex processes and changes we need to make on one large wall chart that continues to capture the attention of all that see it which helps us get the vision across.

Greg O'Hearn, MMSD, Milwaukee, WI


“…The final output was useful for participants to share the main thoughts and connections with colleagues and was also used by our senior management as a strategic planning tool.”

Rebecca Marquardt, Project Manager


“I love being able to refer to the graphic charts for the CONCEPTS rather than reading minutes or trying to recall the dialogue.”

Crista, a meeting attendee.







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