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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  So when would I use graphic recording?
  • When you want people to retain the ideas they hear or discuss--graphic records are key to the retention of ideas.


  • When you want to communicate and disseminate the results of the meeting to others not present--graphic records can be used in reports and on websites.


  • When you want people to feel listened to--when people see their own words captured they feel acknowledged.


  • When you want to engage your organization in aligned action--visual graphics, process tools, and templates help people quickly see common themes and gaps.


Adapted from "Visual Language: Global Communication for the 21st Century" by Robert E. Horn




 02  Where do I start to determine what services I might need?

First, let's start with the date(s) of your event.  It's good to start a few months out, to insure your dates are available on my calendar.  I have done graphic recording with shorter lead times, but I have also had to tell folks dates were already filled.

Send me a note and we can schedule a call to discuss your event, your timing and what you are trying to accomplish.


 03   Where are you located?

I am located in southeast Wisconsin in the Milwaukee area.




 04  Where do you do provide your services? 

I provide my services all over the United States, and overseas.




 05  What venues do you do graphic recording?
I do graphic recording in board rooms, convention halls, hotel conference centers and corporate training rooms, or any other typical meeting area.  All I need is some space off to the side, where I can see and hear the speaker(s).  Flat wall space is a bonus, if available. If not, I can work with portable "walls" and easels.



 06  What do you charge for Graphic Recording?
I charge a daily rate plus expenses.  Lets talk about all you are trying to accomplish with your important meeting, conference or presentations, and I will give you a quote.
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