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Testimonials - Coaching

I would highly, strongly recommend the SHIFT-IT process, and the coaching expertise and experience offered and skillfully applied by Sue. Having recently finished the process, I can clearly see important changes overall; new, better balancing of personal and professional interests and priorities; enhanced relationships; and a plan and path to continue the journey toward the person I want to become, and the places and experiences i seek to visit and share. And while I experienced and worked the processes with Sue, others--family, friends, and colleagues--generally are seeing differences and appreciating the change.


I continue to work and focus on steps, practices and the tools of the toolkit and workbook; I and we are always a work in progress, right? Sue is a careful, caring and expert coach. She uses the process, yet adapts if need be. She is an expert listener, and skilled at appreciative inquiry. Yet, she will ask tough questions, when needed, and probe areas that we may want to avoid in everyday life, and our reflective thinking. We were able to design a timetable that fit with our schedules and timing that helped me over some critical workplace challenges. SHIFT-IT is a commitment, and my shift, and shifting continues, by choice.       


Laurel, Milwaukee, WI



My Crossroads moment was being stuck in my beliefs of "not good enough" and thinking I might fail even though I felt frustrated and misaligned with many things in my life... After going through the SHIFT-IT Weekend Intensive I am now working toward my future as a prosperous business owner that affords me time and energy to enjoy life with family and friends.  I recognize I am able to find answers within myself--even if the answer is to seek help from an expert.  I've transformed self-doubt into a friendly ally that alerts me to pitfalls but doesn't hold me back. I'm possible!" 


Jennifer C. Milwaukee WI



Your skill set is PERFECT for pre-retirement coaching!  One of the things I was concerned about - and I imagine other couples may have the same concern - is that Jim wouldn't be open to anything as touchy-feely as life coaching.  Well, I was wrong. The only hard part was getting him to say yes to meeting with you one time to hear about your approach.  After that, he was completely engaged.  


Through your process we were both able to verbalize thoughts about our future - that amorphous 'next step' - and approach them in a way that is proactive, rather than just letting ourselves be pulled along the path of least resistance. In fact, you'll be pleased to know that we are going to be spending a week exploring communities in the mountains outside of Denver this summer as a first step toward figuring out the kind of life we want to live in retirement. 


Lauren and Jim, Mequon WI



I was amazed at points in the journey when you would ask just the right question, at just the right time, and a whole world opened up to me! You have an amazing gift in capturing the true essence of what I was trying to achieve and illuminating the encouraging aspects of my life that became a part of my transition.


Crista, Syracuse, NY



A few months ago, I was having one of those bleak days, one of those days you wish could snap your fingers and everything you always wanted would be yours! Sue helped me create a positive vision for myself. She prodded gently to get to deeper feelings. She listened intently and with an empathetic heart.


I was always in awe of how accurately she was able to grasp, write and draw my responses. I am now equipped with an action plan; the comfort to know I can reflect on any of the exercise to find strength. My action plan has already yielded results even before pen was put to paper... one of my biggest changes was to find the courage to have more authentic conversations with my significant other; we have been and it has brought us great joy, as we are now an engaged couple.


Sue Keely is indeed a great guide in a journey of self discovery. I find comfort that she will be a constant guidepost in my journey.


Ann, Milwaukee WI



Sue has helped me get my thoughts down on paper and focus my intentions in a way that has already changed me deeply. She helped me to see that I am a “seeker” and that in itself has been a wonderful gift! It has given me peace and confidence knowing that, as a seeker, I may not feel the contentment that I thought I “should” have and that it is OK!!!


I have also really begun to fine tune the scatterings I have been feeling in each area of my life. While I have done many vision boards, Sue is patiently and lovingly bringing all that I have thought and felt into specific concepts. I can feel it coming to focus. The discussion with my future self has been my favorite exercise. I can still visualize the “me” I met and it allows me to really see “the me” I want to be. It isn’t just some pipe dream anymore. I actually am learning the tools to become all that I can be. I am getting teary-eyed just thinking about it!


Erica, Franklin, WI



Going through the SHIFT-IT coaching process with Sue was a very eye-opening experience for me.  In every session I discovered hidden aspects of myself, my past and belief systems that were unconsciously holiding me back.  Sue is like a gentle, loving spotlight shining into dark, undiscovered corners in the psyche to expose and release fears with a series of guided meditations and in-depth inquiry, she helped me realize how powerful I am and what was keeping me from moving forward.  I am so grateful for this experience.  Sue is extremely professional while embodying wisdom and grace.  I felt incredibly safe even when discussing highly personal issues.  I highly recommend SHIFT-IT Coaching!


Barbara, Pewaukee WI


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